Floops Festival Episode 6

Floops Festival Episode 6 focuses on living legends of chutney music like Adesh Samaroo, Rooplal Girdharrie, Heeralal Rampartap and Devanand Gatoo. Check the Tracklist for full details..


  1. Adesh Samaroo - Pitbull
  2. Rakesh Yankaran - Chahe Baazi Lagauw
  3. Sam Boodram - Dulha Puwhalla
  4. Sonny Mann - Charai Layo Gaya
  5. Suresh Maharaj - Bombay Ke Dulahin
  6. Rooplal Girdharrie - Dhaiya Pegai
  7. Rooplal G - Kanganwaray
  8. Adesh Samaroo - Bahena Bahena
  9. Heeralal Rampartap - Lewwo go Mayaro
  10. Devanand Gattoo - Bring Down D' Water
  11. Adesh Samaroo - Who Guh Marry Yuh
  12. Adesh Samaroo - Rum Till I Die
  13. Rooplal G - Baboonwa
  14. Devanand Gattoo - Sare Shaher Chali
  15. Dandaya Narine - Ratiya Posoor
  16. Bhaigan Waale - Danadeya Narine
  17. Suresh Maharaj - Pumpin In De Sand

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Last Updated:2016-11-21
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