DJ Floops is a Trinidadian DJ who currently resides in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Floops started his dj career in 2010 as an open format dj but since 2018 with the formation of the globally recognised brand,, he now specialises in Chutney Soca Music. Every weekend at 7pm, he does a self titled podcast on YouTube called "Floops Festival" which has surpassed 270+ episodes

In 2022, Floops is pleased to announce the launch of his debut music album entitled Finding Floops. The album consists of 12 songs spanning music genres such as Chutney, Soca & EDM. The album takes the listener on a unique journey through DJ Floops's storytelling ability. You can download or stream the album here.

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Songs done by DJ Floops:

  1. Puja in Yuh Kutiya
  2. Damini
  3. Damini Reply
  4. Hari Om
  5. Soja Beta
  6. Sadhguru
  7. Patty Cake
  8. Liam's Lullaby
  9. Modern Fairy Tale
  10. Fella from Marabella
  11. Lathi Maaree Bathee
  12. World's Greatest Show
  13. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

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