Queen Yasmin Greatest Hits

Queen Yasmin Greatest Hits contains some of the greatest hits of all time from the Guyanese Chutney Singing Sensation,Queen Yasmin, like Do the Donkey Dance and Butterfly. See below for full track list.


  1. Do The Butterfly
  2. Bhool Bisar Mati Jana
  3. Chutney Lover
  4. Do The Donkey Dance
  5. Tera Aaj Janamdien
  6. Ho Preetam Pyare
  7. Shana Nesab Banayee
  8. Prema Hoto
  9. Chutney Time
  10. Georgetown (G.T.) City
  11. Canal Gyal
  12. Dulha Dulhin

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Last Updated:2017-11-24
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