Devon Matthews Greatest Hits

Devon Matthews Greatest Hits is a 31 song, 1.5 hour long podcast tribute to Devon Matthews, Radio and Television Personality, Soca Artist and Entrepreneur from East Trinidad. He was known for his positive outlook on life and coined catchphrases like "No Kill Joy and F. (Forgive) U". He passed away at the age of 36 due to heart complications in July 2017. He will live on through his songs and we recap some of his greatest hits here.


  1. Feeling
  2. Bumper Patrol
  3. Old Time Something (Dorothy)
  4. Sean Caruth & Devon Matthews - Whole Day (Puncheon)
  5. Devon Matthews & Buffy - Roll It (Soca 2014)
  6. Devon Matthews feat. Angel - Take off your clothes (Remix)
  7. Push it
  8. HANDS ON DE GROUND [PM 1 Riddim]
  9. La La Roadmix - Devon Matthews ft Lord Nelson (Trini Soca 2009)
  10. All Night (Coca Cola Riddim)
  11. Kerwin Du Bois & Devon Matthews - Dutty
  12. No Worries
  13. Devon Matthews & Baron - Rock It So (Re-Make) "Soca 2013"
  14. Tempted (2013 Soca )
  15. Gimme The Wine (Popso Riddim)
  16. Bottle
  17. Devon Matthews & Blaxx - Dock The Police (Soca 2014)(Stupse Riddim)
  18. Jam on the Pavement (2012 Riddim)
  19. Greedy
  20. Rum "What Yuh Drinking?" (Trouble Clef Riddim) [Soca 2014]
  21. Stink (2015 Trinidad Power Soca)
  22. Level It [Soca 2014]
  23. Ben Up [Koko Sek Riddim]
  24. Start It Up [Soca 2013]
  25. Kernal Roberts & Devon Matthews - Victory
  26. Devon Matthews & Terri Lyons - Need You [Soca 2013]
  27. Devon Matthews & Denise Belfon - All Night (Double Up Riddim) [2014 Soca]
  28. Bumpers - Devon Matthews ft Ziggy Rankin (Trini Soca 2009)
  29. Devon Matthews - I'm Free [SMJ Prod] [First Official Release 2018 Soca]
  30. Devon Matthews & Ella Andall - D Journey (Make It)
  31. Kerwin Dubois - Why Wait (Devon Matthews Tribute)

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